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Reno Travel Tips For An Exciting Vacation In "The Biggest Little City In The World!"

Learning about Reno travel is the best way to begin vacation preparations. Instead of heading into Reno without any idea of what the city can offer a visitor’s travel plans, why not learn as much as possible to make the most of every day spent in the area? 

From gambling to skiing, golfing to the luxuries of the resort options, Reno is a city that offers a little something for everyone – or at least the possibility of experiencing a lot in this “Biggest Little City In The World.”

A Reno travel experience begins with the thought of gambling in most cases. Gambling is the number one attraction in Reno according to the tourism board as well as frequent travelers. Instead of the madness of Las Vegas, Reno can offer avid gamblers all of the sights and sounds of the gambling experience, without feeling too closed into the city.

Many gamblers will enjoy the excellent vacation packages that include hotel accommodations with gambling and restaurant vouchers, as well as the possibility of gambling into the wee hours of the morning without the expense that Las Vegas can entail.

There are two primary types of Reno lodging.

Reno hotels are some of the nicest in any of the gambling towns throught the United States.  Many of these casino hotels also include resort like luxuries that create a magical experience for any Reno traveler.

And if you want to save some money, many visitors opt for one of the nice Reno motels.

For those that want to hit the slopes on their next Reno travel excursion, skiing in this region is world class. A short jaunt over to Lake Tahoe can open up the possibility of skiing some of the Sierra Madres and enjoying the small ski community that is nestled into Lake Tahoe.

Vacation Packages...

There are a number of vacation packages for skiing as well, including lift tickets and transportation to the various ski resorts. And if kicking back on the links is more of your style, then heading out for a round (or seven) of golf can be the perfect way to spend a vacation.

With high class public golf courses as well as many hotels that have their own courses, vacationers can spend their time relaxing on the greens instead of the hustle and bustle of the gambling crowd. With sleeves of balls, carts, and reservation times, these kinds of vacation packages are an excellent fit for buddies that want to get away from it all.

When Reno vacation or travel plans don’t call for a lot of activity, vacationers can also enjoy the many treats the various resort hotels can offer. For women that are interested in the spa experience, many of the Reno hotels include in-house spa services – including massages, body wraps, mud baths, and scrubs. Instead of lounging by the beach, visitors can immerse themselves in a full body detoxification or just have all of their cares and worries kneaded away.

Reno Has More Than Just Casinos!

Visitors find that there is lots to do in Reno outside of these more famous attractions. While the top line hotels and entertainment can help make any stay comfortable and luxurious, this is a beautiful region that affords even the simplest traveler a picturesque scene.

Some visitors will like to head to the mountains for hiking and picture taking, enjoying the great climate conditions that are generally comfortable at most times of the year. The climate is cooler in the winter months (but that helps the snow stay on the peaks), but most evenings are comfortably cool while the days are warmer and sunny.

Just remember, if you plan on traveling away from the city, be sure to book a vehicle at one of the many Reno car rental companies.  Book early to avoid any disappoint in vehicle availability.

For the adventurous Reno travel planner, there are a number of annual events that take place. Burning Man draws a large crowd every year in the month of August, while the Nevada State Fair can also draw a large crowd. Why not look into the Reno Film Festival or the Cowboy Poetry reading?

There are also Reno Air Races and the Reno-Tahoe Open golf tournament to enjoy. Visitors would be wise to call the tourism board ahead of time to see what’s happening during the time that they will be staying in the city.

And There's Cheap Reno Airfare...

One of the best parts about this vacation spot is that travelers can find cheap Reno airfare in a number of ways. By waiting to plan their trip until the last minute, there are many discounted Reno vacation packages that can be available at any time of the year.

Holidays in Reno are also an excellent time to find vacation packages that aren’t cost-prohibitive. When planning a trip to Reno, tourists will want to investigate a number of travel websites as well as talk to a travel agent to see what times of the year are best for more budget-friendly tickets and plans.

No matter what the family likes to do or what the couples like to do, Reno travel has something to offer everyone. If no one likes gambling, there’s golf. If golf is not the right speed, then skiing is available. And there are also spas, special events, hotel entertainment, and more to occupy a vacation for even the pickiest of people.

Reno is known for its fun and exciting casinos, its quaintness and friendliness. So, be sure to check out our entire site and learn everything you need to know about traveling to and staying in Reno.


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